WATER REDUCIBLE PRIMERWKSA-27-001 is a waterborne resin system primer which provides excellent protection and durability. It is a VOC compliant coating that has been formulated for direct to metal application for a high quality, quick dry finish.

This system is also available as a finish coat with several color choices.

Waterborne coatings are used where safety and VOC compliance are a consideration. Reducible with water, fast dry, dry to touch in 30-45 minutes at 75° F. Re-coatable within 24 hours with minimal surface preparation. Excellent corrosion resistance and exterior durability.

Typical Physical Properties

VOC lb/gal: Less than 3.5
Flash point: 130 T.C.C.
%Solids by weight: 34.48 to 36.48
%Solids by volume: 26.17 to 27.17
Coverage by 1 mil(s) dry: 428 sq. ft (100.0% efficiency)
Dry to touch: 30-45 minutes
Dry to handle: 2-4 hours @75°
Hard: 24 hours @ 75°
Sag: 5-6
Gloss @ 60°: 35-45
Recommended wet film: 4.0 - 5.0
Recommended dry film: 1.0 - 1.3 mils

Application Instructions

Surface Preparation:

New Steel - Surface must be dry and free of contamination. Remove all weld spatter and grind all rough welds and edges to smooth contour.
Previously Painted Surfaces - Must be free of oil, grease and other contamination. For best results, spot blast exposed areas to be primed. Power tool brushing may be used for minor touch up.


Thoroughly mix coating prior to applying to substrate. Surface shall be dry, above 60° F and 5° above the dew point, and free of rust bloom. Double lap all welds, seams, corners, and edges to insure proper thickness. Make even parallel passes with 50% overlap to provide uniformity.
This product has been formulated to be used at full strength. If reduction is required, water should be used.


HVLP, Air, Air Assisted Airless

Other Properties

Salt fog: *ASTM B-117/ D-1654 **1000 hours *RATING 9
Humidity: *ASTM D-2247 **1000 hours
Impact: Good
Flexibility: Good
Hardness: HB to H
ph: 8.0 - 8.8
Viscosity: 48" to 58" #3 EZ Zahn
Weight/gallon: 9.0-9.3

Safety and Handling:

Use only with adequate ventilation and avoid breathing vapors. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. In case of eye contact, flush thoroughly with large amounts of water. Get medical attention if irritation persists. If swallowed, get medical attention immediately. For clean up, use water followed by dilute blend of water and butyl-cellosolve as soon as possible. Refer to W.C. Richards Company Material Safety Data Sheet.

*ASTM = American Society for Testing Materials
*ASTM B-117 Method and ASTM D-1654 Rating Procedure B (10 Best - 0)
**Cold Rolled Steel

The above technical data is accurate to the best of our knowledge. No warranty is expressed or implied as application methods, conditions and intended end use is beyond our control.