A Low Cost Zinc Rich Coating provided in an epoxy polyamide adduct primer 2 package.


Epoxy polymide adduct primer 2 package

Intended Use:

General and heavy machinery. Steel containers.


Catalyzed epoxies, coal tar epoxy, vinyls, phenolics, acrylics, chlorinated rubbers, and urethanes, emulsions and alkyds.

CAUTION: Refer to Material Data Safety Sheet before using this product.

Typical Physical Properties admixed

Mix Ratio: A:B 4:1 by volume
Pot Life: >6 hours @ 70° F
Weight/Gallon: 18.53± 0.20 lbs
Solids by Weight: 85.0± 2%
Solids by Volume: 62.3± 1%
VOC: 2.79 #/gal
VISC: 45-55 sec Zhan 2
Reduction: Heat (optional)
Heat Part A only in plural component equipment
CAUTION: Heat will shorten workable pot life
Theoretical Coverage: 999 sf/gal - 1 mil(s) dry (100.0% efficiency)
Dry Time: to Re-Coat: ≥ 30 minutes
to Top Coat: ≥ 30 minutes
Wet Film Thickness: 3.25 - 6.50 mils
Dry Film Thickness: 2-4 mils
Shelf Life (each component) 12 months

Application Instructions:

Surface Preparation:

New Steel - Surface must be dry and free of contamination. Remove all weld spatter and grind all rough welds and edges to smooth contour. For severe exposure (immersion, chemical, etc) near white blast clean per SSPC SP 10-63T. For other exposure blast clean per SSPC SP 6-63 to a maximum profile of 1.5 mils. Previously Painted Surfaces - Must be free of oil, grease or other contamination. For best results, spot blast exposed areas to be primed. Power tool brushing may be used for minor touch up.


Surface shall be dry, above 60° F and 5° above dew point, and free of rust bloom. Spray apply using airless spray or air assisted airless spray. For air atomized spray, fluid tips of .070" and air caps delivering 9-10 CFM at 30 PSI are acceptable. A 3/8" to 1/2" material hose is recommended. Plural component is recommended. Materials should be kept under constant slow speed agitation during use. Double lap all welds, seams, corners, and edges in insure proper thickness. Make even parallel passes with 50% overlap to provide uniformity.


Proper precautions should be taken to assure operator protection, including explosion-proof electrical fixtures when applied indoors.

The above technical data is accurate to the best of our knowledge. No warranty is expressed or implied as application methods and conditions and intended use is beyond our control.