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Louisiana Stars Cancels Camp Activities Until End of May

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Upon discussion with and guidance from Drum Corps International, under the recommendation of the Centers for Disease Control, and in compliance with the President’s Guidelines 0316, Louisiana Stars Drum and Bugle Corps will be cancelling the April 24-26 Brass and...
Louisiana Stars Cancels Camp Activities Until End of May

Super Cheap Xanax

With the situation regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) growing in Louisiana, the Board of Directors and Staff of Louisiana Stars Drum and Bugle Corps have made the decision to cancel the brass camp that was scheduled for March 20-22 in DeRidder, LA.   The decision...
2020 Visual Staff Announced

Buy Adipex Online Usa

We are happy to introduce the Visual Staff for the 2020 season! Returning to lead the visual team is Caption Head Evan McAleer, who has been with the corps since the 2016 season. Under McAleer, the 2020 Louisiana Stars will learn from a talented and enthusiastic staff...
2020 Design Team Announced

Cheap Valium From India

The Louisiana Stars Drum and Bugle Corps Board of Directors is happy to announce the design team for the 2020 season. Building on the positive momentum of our 2019 season, keeping a consistent design team was crucial to the organization’s plan for growth moving...
Corps Director Reflects on 2019 Season

Buy Alprazolam In China

With it being a month since the Louisiana Stars returned home from its most successful Drum Corps International Championship Week in corps history, I’ve taken some time to reflect on my first season as Corps Director and want to provide some highlights: The 2019...
2019 Drill Designer Announced

Buy Valium China

The Board of Directors and Staff of Louisiana Stars Drum and Bugle Corps are pleased to announce our 2019 drill designer – Pat Miller! We are very excited to add Pat to our design team and are confident that he will help us continue to move our program forward....