Auto Industry Aftermarket

The automotive industry has some of the highest product performance standards in manufacturing. We know because we've worked closely with them for over sixty years, providing our expertise in coatings and protective finishes.

No matter the part; rims, manifold, lamps, battery, fasteners, engine parts, bolts, gaskets, screws, or other metal parts, etc., we've got you covered.


"We make it right the first
time, and get it right from
start to finish."

- Bill Richards, President
WC Richards


Coating Car Bumpers

As a member of the auto after market, you know about metal. You know that metal needs protection from corrosion to keep looking and performing its best. When you have tight tolerances and absolute specifications, there's no room for error. Whether its under the hood, for protection or aesthetics, we have cost effective, custom formulated thin film applications for ultimate component quality, ensuring lasting vehicle performance. We provide the best coatings formulated from high performance materials, designed to withstand extreme temperature.



Featured Coating Products

Organic zinc rich coatings available in bulk or aerosol. For fastener coatings, we offer unparalleled quality and corrosion resistance in after market, under the hood, or secondary applications. Many of our products are weld-able, and all are extremely durable, engineered to preserve metal viability. Find out more about our products >

Our customers, Union Tank Car, and GM can attest TMS/WCR has the experience and credentials to provide the solution for automotive coating requirements.