Electronics is a fast paced and rapidly evolving industry. You need to be competitive to stay on top. It's often a race to get your products to market first and there are many challenges.

There is a constant need for optimization, keeping data secure, maintaining signal strength and shutting out interference. You may also want to upgrade to environmental materials.

No matter the unit; TVs, radios, computers, handheld games, earphones, circuit boards, electric wheelchairs, battery boxes, antennas, satellite dishes, cell phones, recording equipment, etc., we've got you covered.



"The process and experience Valvoline Oil staff had in using W.C. Richars Company is on that would be highly recommended."

- Charles P. Bauer
Valcoline Oil



A Unique Conductive Coating

Maximizing product performance while minimizing production cost requires diligent problem solving. Improvement is the key to staying competitive.

At TMS/WCR, we have specialized products that can give you an edge. Whether you need to reduce interference, are looking for alternative, green materials to improve conductivity. We have the ingenuity to help you succeed.



Featured Coating Products

Our coatings are engineered to be cutting edge. Our signal saver hydrophobic coating repels water, snow, and ice to prevent signal loss. The Conductron ® line of both water reducible and solvent based coatings ranges from simple static dissipation to EMI/RFI shielding. Formulations range from graphite, carbon, nickel, copper, silver plated copper, and pure silver based coatings for use on non-metallic substrates.Find out more about our products >

We are innovators, and as your needs change, so will we.