Paper and Corrugated

When you are a paper or corrugated manufacturer, its a challenge to make delicate materials durable. Presentation is important, especially for merchandise displays. Wear can compromise surface appearance and overall integrity. Moisture prevention is imperative. Moisture is the enemy of paper.

No matter the need; packaging, boxes, labels, boards, bags, reams, rolls, storage, disposable, safety, shipping, etc., we've got you covered.


"Their Chemist and experienced staff were our 'technical arm' and key instrument in assisting our chemists."

- Charles P. Bauer
Valvoline Oil



Electro Static Dissipation

Shipping boxes need to be hardwearing, flexible, and light weight. Merchandise boxes need to look their best and hold up on display without fading. The best defense against product loss is a reliable first skin. We can reinforce your boxes and keep the contents safe.



Featured Coating Products

We have Hydrophobic coatings for moisture protection, Coatings for containers, and flat stock coatings. Our Conductron ® line is also available. WC Richards Paint and Coatings has over sixty years of experience with protective coatings. Find out more about our products >

We have the products and credentials to provide the solutions you need to present your products with confidence.