Research and Development

In research and development anything is possible, with the proper resources. Whether you are starting from scratch or perfecting an existing product, a good partnership expands your intellectual capital. The frontiers of discovery are awaiting the team with the experience to anticipate problems and the expertise to make ideas real. Whether you are an incubator, small business, or a development team of a larger company looking for an edge, as a partner TMS/WCR can offer the speciality and resources to help you to your goal. We offer proven laboratory services. We've been providing research and development solutions for over sixty years.

No matter the need; laboratory, chemists, testing, research, resources, experiments, safety, etc., we've got you covered.




"I cannot say enough about the technical expertise at W.C. Richards Company."

- Marc Albero



Lab Testing - Accelerated Weather Testing

If you are an incubator or start-up, you need all the help you can get. Getting projects off the ground takes the right combination of quality resources. It takes partners dedicated to your interests. Experience is crucial. It can make or break a project incubator. Without expert input it's hard to anticipate problems. You need specialized partners. You need professionals with imagination and virtually unlimited surfacing options. We've been an early development partner before. You can capitalize on our previous successes.



Featured Coating Products

We have products to help with. We offer coatings for Corrosion Protection, Hydrophobic, Shielding, Coatings for Containers, as well as weldable coatings and Chemical Resistant Coatings. Our Organic Zinc Rich Coatings are available in bulk and aerosol. We have the experience, credentials, and products to provide the solutions you need. Find out more about our products >

We'll be your partner in success.