Structural Steel

In structural steel, protecting the metal is the bottom line. It's expensive material and must maintain a solid integrity for longevity. As the foundation and back bone of structure, the metal needs to be protected for stability.

No matter the need; beams, I beams, frames, cranes, scaffolds, catwalks, wrought iron, bridges, structures, etc., we've got you covered.



"We make it right the first
time, and get it right from
start to finish."

- Bill Richards, President
WC Richards


Going Green

Corrosion and metal go hand in hand, so corrosion prevention is imperative. You need to cut costs without sacrificing grandeur. TMS/WCR has over sixty years experience protecting metal. We can keep it safe, and make you look great.



Featured Coating Products

We have a variety of products to help with the maintenance of transmission towers, Corrosion Protection, Chemical Resistant Coatings and weldable coatings are all available. We have a full line of organic single component and two component high performance Zinc Rich Products, available in bulk and aerosol. They can be employed in a wide range of applications including: transportation, marine, galvanized steel repair and general industrial maintenance.Find out more about our products >

Whatever your need, we have the experience, credentials, and products to provide the solution, as we did for Union Tank Car. We'll help ensure your products endure.