Tube Coatings

With electrical tubing you've got to work smart. An installation must be done right the first time. Once the conduit is buried behind the walls, you don't want to dig them out. You need to trust that wires are protected. Your materials must be prepped in advance.

Our products can keep tubes invisible in an environment. Our coatings protect conduit from corrosion. We can shield tubes for spaces housing sensitive equipment. If you're working in rehabs where tubing is exposed and needs to blend in, we can coat metal to accept decorative or textured surfacing.

No matter the need; flexible conduit, tubes, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, hot roll, cold roll, plastics or brass, we've got you covered.



"The process and experience Valvoline Oil staff had in using W.C. Richars Company is on that would be highly recommended."

- Charles P. Bauer
Valcoline Oil


Going Green

You need corrosion protection while the pipe is in the shipping yard, transportation, during and after installation. These are things we take seriously at WC Richards Paint and Coating. We can protect your pipes, whatever their application. We've been protecting the integrity of metal for over sixty years.



Featured Coating Products

We have Heat Resistant Coatings, both solvent and water based resin systems are available. Our High Solids 2K Epoxies are available in low VOC, low HAPS or HAPS free and are designed to be resistant to wide variety of chemicals. .Find out more about our products >

We have the experience, credentials and products to provide the solutions you need to keep your pipe functional and worry free for the long term.