2020 Audition Information

Below you will find our 2020 Audition Camp Information. To audition for the 2020 Louisiana Stars, you must pay the audition packet fee of $100. You must also pay a $25 camp fee for the camp you intend on attending. Any general questions about auditions should be sent to Corps Director Aaron Theall at director@louisianastars.org. Section specific questions should be sent to your section’s caption head. Their contact information can be found here.


Instructions for Audition Registration

  1. Fill out 2020 Audition Registration form below
  2. For the final question, select “Audition Packet Fee” (NOTE: ALL auditionees must pay this fee – even if you are a vet and know the audition information)
  3. Submit and pay $100 Audition Packet Fee via PayPal (NOTE: be sure you receive a confirmation notice and receipt indicating that payment went through. If you do not receive this receipt or any indication that payment went through, refresh the page and try again. If it does not work a second time, email media@louisianastars.org.)
  4. Click on the Audition Materials button below. The password for this page should be included in an email you receive after payment of the Audition Packet Fee. If you do not receive this password within 24 hours, check your junk folder and any email that you provided. If you still have not received the email with the password, contact media@louisianastars.org.
  5. Fill out 2020 Audition Registration form again
  6. For the final question, select the camp you would like to attend and whether or not you want to pay online or at the camp
    1. If you select the option to pay the $25 camp fee online, you may do so via PayPal. The same NOTE in item #3 applies)
    2. If you select the option to pay the $25 camp fee in person, hit submit and you are done


All technical issues and questions regarding access to audition packet materials and registering for a camp should be sent to Media Director Taylor Dizor at media@louisianastars.org. 

November Audition 

Thank you to all who attended our first audition camp for the 2020 season! See information below regarding our next camp.

Congratulations to the 2020 Drum Majors and Color Guard Captains that were announced at our November Camp.

Drum Majors
Ethan Archer
Rebekah Hinson
Kayla Tellez
Joshua Touchet

Color Guard Captains
Beth Bourgeois
Morgan McVey

December Audition

Thank you to everyone that attended our December Camp and congratulations to those who have received member contracts! We look forward to seeing our Brass and Percussion in January. We look forward to seeing our Color Guard again in April.


If you have not been able to come to an audition and will not be able to attend our January Camp, contact the appropriate caption head about a video audition.

January Audition

Thank you to everyone that attended our January Camp and congratulations to those who have received member contracts! We look forward to seeing our Brass and Percussion again in February. We look forward to seeing our Color Guard again in April.


We are still accepting auditions in our Brass and Percussion sections during our February Camp. If you cannot attend the camp for an audition, you can contact the appropriate caption head and request a video audition.


Q: What should I do to be prepared?
A: Practice the audition material, begin NOW saving money for membership dues.
Then practice more!
Making your local, district, and state honor band is a plus.
Being in good physical condition is a must! Start NOW!
Begin strength and cardio training.

Q: What should I bring to an audition camp?
A: Our audition camps are full weekend camps. If you have never attended a drum corps camp before, that means you will be staying at the audition location overnight with the corps. Below is a list of things you will need to pack with you to be successful for the camp.

– Sleeping bag/blanket/air mattress/pillow
– Shower/toiletry items (we recommend shower shoes/flip flops as well)
– Change of clothes
– Warm clothes
– Audition packet and any additional materials provided in the packet
– Water jug
– Snacks

Q: Are meals provided during audition camps?

A: Yes! As a part of your Louisiana Stars audition camp experience, we provide all meals while you are with us. You will find the meals covered in the audition camp schedule when it is released.

Q: Are there fundraisers for me to earn part of my membership dues?
A: Yes, we have a raffle that can help you earn towards your dues.
Also – Some members get relatives and businesses to sponsor part of their dues.

Q: What is the age requirement?
A: 14-21 (a member can turn 22 after June 1)

Q: Can I attend auditions just for the experience?
A: YES – Although, we have members that have attended camps “for the experience” because they thought they were not “good enough” – and actually earned a position!

Q: Do you have members from “Out of State”?
A – YES – We have had members from:
Alabama – Arkansas – Florida – Louisiana – Mississippi – Nevada – North & South Carolina – Oklahoma – Oregon – Texas

Q: What do I do if I am flying in for an audition camp?
A – All travel to and from camp is the responsibility of the member. However, for those flying to a nearby airport for an audition camp, we may be able to assist by having another member or staff member pick you up and/or drop you off. If you plan on flying to one of our audition camps, contact Assistant Corps Director Jeremi Edwards at jedwards@louisianastars.org. Notify him that you intend on flying in for the camp and include the airport you are flying into as well as your flight information. While we will do our absolute best to get you to the camp, Louisiana Stars does NOT guarantee that we will find you a ride to and from the airport so be prepared to be able to order an Uber/Lyft or some other mode of transportation in the event we are not able to assist.