We are happy to announce the Louisiana Stars Color Guard staff for the 2020 season! The LSCG staff will continue to be led by returning Caption Head Meredith Owen in her fourth year with the organization. Owen will be joined this year by Clayton Benoit as Assistant Caption Head. This will be Benoit’s second year as a member of the color guard staff.


We’d like to welcome back the members of last season’s color guard staff to the organization. Under the staff’s leadership, the members of the LSCG will experience consistent instruction that will take last year’s product to a new level.


Meredith Owen
Color Guard Caption Head

Meredith Owen is from Ridgeland, Mississippi. Currently, Meredith is a freelance judge, choreographer, and designer as well as finishing her History degree at the University of Southern Mississippi. She has been working with the Petal High School Colorguard since 2015 in conjunction with being a choreographer and visual technician for the marching band and the Scholastic World Finalist, Petal Indoor Percussion Theatre. Meredith spent her drum corps career with The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps and was an inaugural member of Conversion Independent Winterguard from Jackson, Mississippi. This is Meredith’s fourth year with Louisiana Stars, her second as Guard Caption Head, and she is so excited to see what this season holds!


Clayton Benoit
Assistant Color Guard Caption Head

After beginning his performing career at E. D. White Catholic High School in Thibodaux, Louisiana, Clayton then continued performing with The University of Louisiana at Lafayette and Lake Area Independent Winterguard. Clayton’s teaching career started in 2008 and has included working and choreographing for schools and programs such as E.D.White Catholic High School, Acadiana High School, Acadiana Independent Winterguard, Ouachita High School, West Ouachita High School, Lafayette High School, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, West Monroe High School, Erath High School, Sterlington High School, Elite Percussion, and Lake Area Independent. Under his direction, Clayton’s various groups have been given titles such as WGI Regional and Power Regional finalists, LMCGPC medalists, BOA Grand National Finalists, and DCI Open Class finalist. Currently living in Lafayette, Louisiana, Clayton is on his fifth year serving as Secretary on the Board of Directors for the LMCGPC, a freelance judge and choreographer, as well as the Visual Director for the Acadiana High School Band and Acadiana Independent Winterguard. This is Clayton’s second year at Stars and his first year as Assistant Caption Head. He’s excited to see what 2020 has in store!


Emily Lyon
Color Guard Technician

Emily started her color guard career in Waxhaw, NC where she was a part of the Marvin Ridge High School color guard and winter guard from 2010-2014. After she graduated, went on to spin with Aria Winterguard  in 2015 and Etude Winterguard in 2016 and 2019. Along with winter guard, Emily also spent four summers with The Cadets Drum Corps from the summer of 2015 to her age out season of 2018. Emily was given the opportunity to teach in 2015 at Concord High School in Concord, NC, where she was a winter guard technician. She also taught at Walter M. Williams High School in Burlington, NC where she was the color guard caption head in 2017. This will be Emily’s second summer with Louisiana Stars and she is excited for the upcoming season.


Jace McMullin
Color Guard Technician

Jace McMullin is a graduate of Mississippi State University where he received is Bachelors in Music Education, and the University of Southern Mississippi where he received Masters in Music Education. In 2011 Jace became Assistant Band Director and Color Guard Instructor at Warren Central High School in Vicksburg, Mississippi where is guards have consistently earned superiors at contest and during the 2017 season his guard eared two best in class awards.


Since coming to Warren Central High School, Jace has taken in winter guards to compete in many different circuits including the Mississippi Indoor Association, Louisiana Mississippi Color Guard and Percussion Circuit, and Winter Guard International. In the past 6 years his guards have finished in the top three multiple times at different WGI regionals, and have been medalists in the Mississippi Indoor Association.


During the summer of 2017 Jace served as the color guard instructor for the Mississippi All State Lions Band. The group traveled to Chicago, Illinois and won its thirty-third international championship during the 2017 International Lions Parade.


Jace’s performance experience and love for the color guard started with Statement Independent Winter Guard in 2009 where he was a part of the first place Independent A Class group. He also marching he age out year in 2010 with Statement where they went on to be the Independent Open class Champions. He is currently a member of Conversion, an independent World group based out of Jackson, MS.


Jace currently lives in Clinton, Mississippi and began his Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction through Texas A&M University in 2018. This will be his third year on staff with the Louisiana Stars, and he is very excited to see what is in store during the 2020 season.


PJ Trichel
Color Guard Technician

PJ is from Bossier City, LA. He currently resides in Natchitoches, LA and is a Child and Family Studies major at Northwestern State University where he is also a four year veteran of the Demon Heat Colorguard. PJ’s drum corps career started with Louisiana Stars in 2015 and 2016 and went on to age out with the Madison Scouts in 2017. He is also the colorguard director at Haughton High School. This will be PJ’s third year with Stars and he is so excited to see what the season holds!


Tatiana Miranda
Color Guard Technician

Tatiana Miranda is from Cypress, Texas. She started her Cologuard career in 2009 at Cy-Fair High School where she marched 4 marching seasons and 3 winter guard seasons. The Cy-Fair Colorguard earned the  bronze medal in the Texas Color Guard Circuit (TCGC) for 2010 and 2011 in both A class and Open class. After graduating high school, Tatiana began her professional career in 2014 marching with the WGI A class Finalist Redemption Independent. She spent 2 seasons with them becoming a captain her second year. She began her Drum Corps career in 2015 where she marched with the Louisiana Stars Drum and Bugle Corps. Beginning her teaching career as early as the summer of 2014, Tatiana has taught multiple schools across the Houston area, and is a consultant on marching band choreography. She currently resides with The Woodlands College Park HS for her 4th year and Spring Woods HS for her 1st year. She returned home to Louisiana Stars in 2017 for her age out. “I am so excited to come home and give back what the Stars has given me, 2019 is looking to be very bright!!” This will be Tatiana’s second year on staff.