At Louisiana Stars, we have seen the events surrounding our country and hear the pain of people of color. Our hearts go out to this community and we stand with you. We understand that it is our place to listen and express the following statement.


The Louisiana Stars Drum and Bugle Corps expresses our support and love to our members, staff, volunteers, fans, friends, and families and states that black lives do matter, as do all minorities.


Our organization was started to create a positive educational experience for young performers of all backgrounds. We celebrate their individuality and who they are. Louisiana Stars is a family where we treat each other with equality, respect, and care.


The performing arts is a realm where people can not only express themselves, but BE themselves unashamedly. While the world does not always provide an environment that allows this, we take it as a part of our mission to continue to fight for this ideal. We create the change we wish to see in our community and our world.


Finally, in standing along with marginalized communities, we are pledging our dedication to addressing shortfalls within our organization that prevent or hinder the safety and success of any member of our corps, especially those within these marginalized communities. We will do our part to make our world a better place for current and future generations and we will start with ourselves.