Frequently Asked Questions

What is drum corps?

The drum corps activity is decades old with thousands of performers throughout the world. For those completely new to the activity, we would describe it as competitive, travel marching band during the summer. We combine brass instruments, percussion, and color guard to create a competition marching program that travels during part of the summer around the country. We bring students and instructors from all over to build an educational and fun performance experience.

How do I participate in Louisiana Stars?

Participants ages 14-21 are welcome to audition for our brass, percussion (drum line and front ensemble), drum major, or color guard sections. The process begins by attending one of our audition camps, typically held in the winter. Members attend monthly weekend camps throughout the spring as we prepare for our summer season. The corps comes together in the middle of the summer for full-time move ins, where members learn our competitive show. After move ins, we take the show on the road by traveling to different competitions around the country with the end being championships in Indiana during the beginning of August.

How do housing and meals work with Louisiana Stars?

Housing and four (4) full-course meals are provided at all Louisiana Stars events including rehearsal camps, move-ins, and tour. All members will sleep in a gym at our housing locations “lock-in” style. We recommend all participants bring air mattresses to sleep on at all overnight functions. Showers are available to students in locker rooms during designated times.

Do I need to stay overnight at camps?

For liability purposes and preparation for our summer tour plans, all participants must stay at our housing locations for the full duration of every event, even if parents are staying in hotels nearby or if the member lives near a housing location.

How much does it cost to participate and what does that cover?

For the 2022 season, summer tuition is $2,700.


For 40+ days of intensive performing arts programming, this tuition covers:

  • Immersive 7-week experience of move-ins and the 2022 DCI Summer National Tour
  • Housing at all locations during this time period
  • Usage of rehearsal facilities during move-ins and tour
  • Four (4) meals per day
  • Transportation across the country on a charter bus with the corps caravan
  • Approximately 15 performances in front of tens of thousands of spectators
  • Music, choreography, instruction, and medical consultation provided by our professional staff
  • Use of corps-owned instruments and equipment***
  • An exclusive season member shirt
  • A corps necklace
  • Access to the End-of-Season Banquet & Celebration 
  • The ability to purchase a member-only corps jacket

***Caption heads may recommend certain section-specific items to best prepare you for the season. Questions about what those items might be can be directed to each individual caption head.


This tuition does NOT include:

  • Pre-season camp fees. Each audition and spring camp prior to move-ins has its own camp fee that covers meals and housing site costs for that camp.
  • Trumpets. Unfortunately, trumpets are the only section that the corps does not provide an instrument at this time. We are actively working to fix this in the future. Members of this section are responsible of bringing their own instrument.

Does Louisiana Stars provide fundraising opportunities?

Members are responsible for their financial obligation. However, we do try to provide a couple of opportunities for members to raise money to go toward their fees. We also talk to members about how to get donations and sponsorships for their tuition. All donations toward member fees are tax deductible.