DCI will look differently this year, but there is still a way for our members, fans, friends, and alumni to experience the collaborative effort and performance entertainment we have come to love over the decades – “Together As One” designed by Varsity Performing Arts.


What is “Together As One”?


“Together As One” was designed as an opportunity for collaborative performance between cheer teams, dance teams, sports teams, music programs, and entire communities and crowds. – Varsity.com


“Together As One” is a virtual performance of a piece titled “Hope for America” composed by DCI Hall of Fame members Jay Bocook and Paul Rennick. Performers from the drum corps community will be joined by cheerleaders, dancers, and musicians from a variety of performance backgrounds to create a massive free virtual performance.


This is an opportunity for band programs, drum corps, performing arts groups, and spirit groups to come together from across the nation and be a part of the performance many have missed out on due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Who can participate?


Anyone! The great thing about this project is that it isn’t limited to just those who have marched drum corps.


Are you a high school student that misses band? This project is for you!

Are you an alumnus who misses playing? This project is for you!

Are you a fan who wants to dust off your instrument and join in the fun? This project is for you!

Are you a teacher that misses playing with your students? This project is for you!

Were you supposed to march drum corps this summer? This project is for you!


We would love to see Louisiana represented in this project and encourage our members, alumni, staff, and fans to participate.


Is this restricted to brass, percussion, and color guard?


No! Woodwinds, strings, and drum majors are encouraged to participate as well!


How can I participate?


While there isn’t much time, you can still join pretty easily! Follow these steps below. The deadline to submit your video to be included is July 20, 2020 at 9:00pm EST.


  1. View the music or color guard choreography in this Google Drive Folder (click here)
  2. Video yourself performing to the entire composition with your phone or camera (we recommend you have the audio track playing in your headphones while you play for reference)
  3. Upload the video to YouTube as a Public or Unlisted video (if you need to create a channel, follow these instructions) – The title of your video should include your name, instrument, and corps affiliation, if any (john-smith_1st-tenor-trombone_Louisiana-Stars)
  4. Fill out this registration form (click here) where you will include the link to your video


Why should I participate?


That’s a good question. We know there isn’t a lot of time left to participate, but there is a lot you can gain.


First, this project was put together by some notable names in our activity. Check out whose work you could be performing:

  • Jay Bocook – Winds Arranger
  • Michael Klesch – Winds Arranger
  • Richard Saucedo – Winds Arranger
  • Thom Hannum – Percussion Arranger
  • Ralph Hardimon – Percussion Arranger
  • Mike McIntosh – Percussion Arranger
  • Paul Rennick – Percussion Arranger
  • Mark Wood – Strings Arranger
  • Michael Gains – Drill Design
  • Michael Rosales – Colorguard Choreography Lead
  • Daniel Riley – Colorguard Choreography
  • Kaysey Thompson – Colorguard Choreography
  • Rick Subel – Colorguard Choreography


Second, you get to be a part of performance history. DCI is trying to get 2,020 performers to participate and you get to be a part of that!


Finally, you get to challenge yourself in a way you have not been challenged as a performer. This is something most of us aren’t used to. There is no bar of expectations. There is no failure. So just go for it!