In the days before the internet and smart phones, drum corps members would write letters to home to tell their families about their experiences throughout the summer. For many of us, we consider our time with Louisiana Stars as a part of our home. This year, we are choosing to reverse¬†tradition and share experiences from years past to share with the “home” we are missing.


Letters to Home is a way for Louisiana Stars alumni to share their story and what made Louisiana Stars a home for them. While we may not be on the road this year creating new memories, we can look back on the old memories that connect us throughout the years.


Rebekah Hinson participated in Louisiana Stars during the 2017 season as a member of the trumpet section and vocal soloist and during the 2019 season as a drum major. This is her Letter to Home.


Rebekah’s Letter to Home

The most prevalent memory that I have from Louisiana Stars that will stick with me forever is probably the first time I performed in Lucas Oil Stadium in 2017.

I remember driving past the stadium whenever we made it to Indy and tearing up because I was thinking, “Wow! I’ve made it.” The emotions hit me even harder whenever we actually were down there on the field getting ready to perform. I had a singing solo that year, so I was at the very front of the field and it didn’t take long for me to set myself up where I needed to be. This gave me a lot of time to just take in my surroundings and really think about where I was and what I was doing. I remember thinking, “I’m standing on the same turf that all of the big corps I’ve been watching for years have performed on.” To me, that was crazy.

In that moment, I looked out into the crowd and just cried. I felt so proud of myself and all of my friends for the things that we had accomplished that summer, and I was just overwhelmed with emotions that I just couldn’t help but cry! I remember my mom coming up to me afterwards and saying, “Were you crying?! You never cry!” That’s how you know it was a huge deal to me.

There is no other feeling quite like performing your heart out and leaving everything out on the field with your family. The bonds you create through drum corps are truly unlike anything else you will ever experience. I have met my best friends, my boyfriend, and even some of my best mentors through drum corps and they are all people I will share a connection with for the rest of my life.