New Orleans Jazz Festival

Volunteer for the New Orleans Jazz Festival!

We are excited to return to the New Orleans Jazz Festival to work the drink booth along with the Greater New Orleans Drum Corps Association. We will be there for both weekends of the festival and need your help to raise money to help us on our road to DCI World Championships.


2022 Louisiana Stars members can earn credit toward their fees by working the booth or having friends and family work the booth for them. Volunteers not affiliated with the drum corps may also choose to sponsor a 2022 member with the time they volunteer.


Read the information below and follow these steps to register to volunteer:

  1. Fill out the Volunteer Contact Form below.
  2. Check your email for a link to a Volunteer Registration Form through Sign Up Genius.
  3. Fill out the Volunteer Registration Form.


You must fill out both forms in order to volunteer for Jazz Fest. Failure to do so will result in us not having a spot for you. Any questions regarding registration can be sent to Jeremi Edwards at

Important Information

What days are available?

Jazz Fest takes place on the following days:

  • Friday, April 29, 2022
  • Saturday, April 30, 2022
  • Sunday, May 1, 2022
  • Thursday, May 5, 2022
  • Friday, May 6, 2022
  • Saturday, May 7, 2022
  • Sunday, May 8, 2022


What job am I volunteering for and what am I committing to?

There are two jobs at the booth: line worker and operations worker. Line workers are working the booth, taking money and handling drinks. Operations workers are responsible for setting up the booth at the beginning of the day and tearing it down at the end.

Line workers work two 2-hour shifts (four hours total) per day. Operations workers work two 4-hour shifts (eight hours total) per day.


Line Worker Information

Line workers will work in teams of two, one taking orders and handling money and the other grabbing drinks. Line workers will be staggered throughout the day. They will work a continuous two-hour shift, take a break, and then work a second continuous two-hour shift. Here is a typical day’s schedule for a line worker:

9:30am | Meeting at tent to review instructions and logistics
11:00am | Doors open to the public
11:00am-7:30pm | Within this window, volunteers will work their two 2-hour shifts with a break in between
7:30pm | Day ends


Operations Worker Information

Operations workers will set up the booth at the beginning of the day and tear down at the end of each day. Here’s a typical day’s schedule for an operations worker.

7:00am | Shift 1 setup begins
9:30am | Meeting at tent to review instructions and logistics
11:00am | Doors open and operations workers are on break
7:30pm | Day end and shift 2 teardown starts


When you agree to work, you receive:

  • A complementary day ticket to the festival (equivalent to $75); workers cannot leave during the day otherwise you will need another ticket
  • A parking pass with shuttle service
  • Free drinks (food is on you)
  • Access to a private portable bathroom not open to the public


Things you should bring:

  • A folding chair
  • A small backpack with personal items
  • Comfortable clothes (expect it to be hot)
  • A hat
  • Comfortable closed toe shoes

New Orleans Jazz Fest Resources

Volunteer Contact Form

Fill out the form below to provide us with your contact information. If you are working on behalf of a member, specify the member’s name in the appropriate space in the form. If you do not receive an email with the link to Volunteer Registration, check your spam mail. If you don’t receive the email, contact Taylor Dizor at